Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Let's start the new year right. Please comment on your favorite database for online genealogy. I am more and more impressed with the new databases being posted for free by the LDS church. Check them out at:

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Michigan GenWeb

Do not forget that all Michigan Genealogy begins at MIGenWeb. 

Monday, November 2, 2009

Genealogy Indexer: Jewish, Polish, Romanian

New from Poland! Genealogy Indexer adds full-text and soundex search capabilities to important genealogical resources available elsewhere online.
Search 77,000 pages of historical directories (business, address, telephone, etc.), 28,000 pages of 64 yizkor books (memorials to Jewish communities destroyed during the Holocaust), and 7,000 pages of lists of Polish military officers. Most of the directories are from Poland, Galicia, or Romania. Click here

Index of the Repressed

Index of the Repressed is a new and only polish research programme comprehensively documenting fates of Polish citizens oppressed in the Eastern Borderlands during the Soviet occupation of Poland and in the Soviet Union in the years 1939-56. Search the index by clicking here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Seeking Michigan

The Library of Michigan and the Archives of Michigan recently launched a Web site that will feature nearly 1 million Michigan death certificates never before available electronically. These death certificates for the years 1897 to 1920 hold tremendous research opportunities for genealogists, historians and students - as well as anyone interested in Michigan's rich heritage.
These records are online at, the brand-new, one-stop shop for Michigan historical records. Seeking Michigan is a partnership between the Library of Michigan and the Archives of Michigan, which also has digitized state records for this Web site, including Civil War service records and photographs, survey maps and more.
"Previously people had to visit the Library of Michigan to view these records on microfilm, or order them for a fee from the state vital records office or a county clerk," Special Collections Manager Randy Riley said. "Now anyone in the world can go online to Seeking Michigan and find the record of interest to them within minutes and at no cost."
The Library of Michigan's Abrams Foundation Historical Collection is one of the top 10 genealogy collections in the United States. The Abrams Foundation, which has given the library more than $2 million since the 1980s, funded the death records digitization.
In addition to having the records digitized, the Library had them indexed for easy searching by name, death date, location, age and more. As of March 17, about 25 percent of the nearly 1 million death records have been added. The remaining death records should be online within the next month.
"Offering this extensive collection of death records online puts Michigan at the forefront of vital records digitization nationwide," Riley said. "Researchers are coming to expect online access to information, and we're glad to deliver. We hope this Web site will inspire Michiganians to explore our state's fascinating past and to discover their personal history."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

World War 2 Memorial Online

Any U.S. citizen who helped win the war, whether a veteran or someone on the home front, is eligible for the Registry. Names in the Registry will be forever linked to the memorial's bronze and granite representations of their sacrifice and achievement. Add your veteran today!

Michigan Genealogical Death Index

Looking for relatives that died between 1867-1897? Make sure to check the Michigan Death Index.

Happy Valentine's Day

Welcome to our Blog. Please comment if you are interested in any genealogy for Wayne County, Michigan! Let's show the love to our ancestors. Start your family tree on Valentine's Day!