Friday, November 30, 2012

PolishOrigins and the tour Blogs

I find this Zenon and his website interesting. He has a unique tour of Poland, instead of the usual tourist places, he helps you find your ancestral roots. Afterwards, he posts a blog about the trip written by the people themselves. Here is the latest, called A TRIP OF A LIFETIME

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Port of Detroit Arrivals 1906-1954 INDEX

New online at!!! Michigan, Detroit Manifests of Arrivals at the Port of Detroit, 1906-1954 This is an alphabetical card file manifest of individuals entering the United States through the Port of Detroit, 1906-1954. The Tunnel, the Ambassador Bridge and various ferries. Includes a few records of persons entering at Port Huron, Sault St. Marie, and other Michigan ports. Corresponds to NARA Publication M1478: Card Manifests (Alphabetical) of Individuals Entering Through the Port of Detroit, 1906-1954. CLICK HERE

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Family Tree Magazine

When you visit your local public library, do you stop and view their genealogy periodicals? I always find something interesting and new in all of them! The magazines also have websites, I check FAMILY TREE MAGAZINE to see what is new. They are also getting into the Christmas spirit with some Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Click here for details.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from the Volunteers at WayneGenWeb!

Take a moment on this Thanksgiving to thank your ancestors for all they have done to make YOU the person you are today! Detroit was settled in 1701. We have the second oldest running parish in the nation, St. Anne's Catholic Church. This is our home: Detroit. Our beloved ones are buried in its soil. Our children sprang from it. We are soil of this soil. Our streets are touched with sacred memories and traditions. Our dreams of a finer life to come are a hallowed heritage. As was written on the seal of the city when we were in ashes: "We hope for better days"........Malcolm W. Bingay from his book "Detroit is my Hometown" pg. 20 HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM ALL THE VOLUNTEERS AT MiGenWeb, WayneGenWeb and USGenWeb! WE ARE ALWAYS OPEN, AND YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Irish Emigration Database

There are currently in excess of 33,000 documents on IED and fresh material is being added at regular intervals. Material is divided by type into thirteen classifications. However, one can identify essentially three types of material. Documents created by private individuals including letters, diaries and journals written by migrants as well as other letters throwing light on emigration. Newspaper material includes advertisements for emigrant shipping, reports concerning the progress of emigrant shipping and extracted reports relating to emigration in general. Births, deaths and marriages of those overseas are also to be found in newspapers. Official and government papers include material extracted from reports and enquiries, the record of parliamentary debates contained in Hansard and official statistics. SEARCH THE IED

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Consolidated Jewish Surname Index

Have you used the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index? Some databases assure that the surname was borne by Jews. They are designated with a green bullet () preceding its description. Some databases are predominantly Jewish but may contain some Christian surnames. They are designated with a yellow bullet () preceding the description. Others are known to contain a significant number of Christian surnames. They are designated with a red bullet () preceding the description. Access to these 42 different databases varies. Some are immediately accessible on the Internet, some are published books, others are on microfiche. For those databases mentioned that are available on microfiche, each of the Jewish genealogical societies throughout the world have copies of the fiche and make them available to members at no cost. Because the databases in book form are valuable research tools, many societies have copies of these books, also. Also check with large local libraries who may have copies of the books in their reference section. Finally, almost all of the books and all microfiche are available for purchase through Avotaynu. Consolidated Jewish Surname Index.