Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from the Volunteers at WayneGenWeb!

Take a moment on this Thanksgiving to thank your ancestors for all they have done to make YOU the person you are today! Detroit was settled in 1701. We have the second oldest running parish in the nation, St. Anne's Catholic Church. This is our home: Detroit. Our beloved ones are buried in its soil. Our children sprang from it. We are soil of this soil. Our streets are touched with sacred memories and traditions. Our dreams of a finer life to come are a hallowed heritage. As was written on the seal of the city when we were in ashes: "We hope for better days"........Malcolm W. Bingay from his book "Detroit is my Hometown" pg. 20 HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM ALL THE VOLUNTEERS AT MiGenWeb, WayneGenWeb and USGenWeb! WE ARE ALWAYS OPEN, AND YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.

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