Sunday, November 4, 2012

Consolidated Jewish Surname Index

Have you used the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index? Some databases assure that the surname was borne by Jews. They are designated with a green bullet () preceding its description. Some databases are predominantly Jewish but may contain some Christian surnames. They are designated with a yellow bullet () preceding the description. Others are known to contain a significant number of Christian surnames. They are designated with a red bullet () preceding the description. Access to these 42 different databases varies. Some are immediately accessible on the Internet, some are published books, others are on microfiche. For those databases mentioned that are available on microfiche, each of the Jewish genealogical societies throughout the world have copies of the fiche and make them available to members at no cost. Because the databases in book form are valuable research tools, many societies have copies of these books, also. Also check with large local libraries who may have copies of the books in their reference section. Finally, almost all of the books and all microfiche are available for purchase through Avotaynu. Consolidated Jewish Surname Index.

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