Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Church Covenant Cadets 1893

I have been given permission to share this photo online by the owner of the photo. He is a descendant and the namesake of Chas. Pudrith/Pudritzky/Puderitzke. Born in Detroit on July 23, 1878. His parents were Carl Pudritzky/Puderitzke and Dorothea Bauermeister Pudritzky. They were married in Brandenburg, Germany in 1864. These are the Church Covenant Cadets of 1893: Aldrich Baxter, Arthur Langguth, Gus Ciliax, Paul Krause, Alex Lisk, Arthur KR, Harry Yager, Ed Pokorny, Chas. Pudrith and George Petersen. If you have any information on this group, please comment.

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